Project #2: Logo Design


Project #2 Logo Design / MEJO 182

The Royster logo is intended for a graphic design course at UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Media and Journalism and conveys a student client’s silhouette. The second artboard contains three color options reflecting the client’s favorites. Because of the dominance of the type and the goal of simplicity, the head space has less options for variation in color (likewise why the gradient option is only two toned). Keeping it minimal is a must because of the type’s creative expression. The dominance of the type is necessary to create a balance with the head space, which would have all the texture of the logo.

In the spirit of having a simple font, created from the Adobe Illustrator pen tool, the typography is sans serif. Also, it’s just fun and playful, reflected in the Y’s descending stem that cradles the O, the off-centered counter of the O, and especially in the R, following the jaw and the line of the neck.

Last thing to note: anything placed behind the graphic will appear through ROYSTER, but not the star vector. This can easily be adjusted for either case, but this offers a unique chance to tell a story through an image in ROYSTER, while the star would stand out by remaining white. If this route’s chosen, then I recommend leaving the head space as a solid neutral color (black or white; if white, then the star’s black) to have a contrasted balance between the logo and whatever appears in the type.